Thank you for your interest in our services.  We specialize in the services listed below:

Custom Vessel Design & Construction

This is our primary specialty.  We take great care in listening to our clients and work diligently and iteratively to arrive at designs that our clients will love, we can be proud of, and designs that we can bring to life with confidence.

Repair and Refit

Martel Marine operates a full service shipyard with experienced professionals to handle all of your yacht, boat and watercraft repair needs.  From cosmetic repairs to the ship’s engine—we are your one stop shop.

Equipment Installation

We have the capacity to install a wide range of new equipment onto your vessel, whether you’re upgrading components or replacing existing parts that have become outdated or past their lifetime.  If you require advice on your specific set up, we can make recommendations for you.

Boat Maintenance

We can put together a customized plan for regular maintenance checks (usually annually) for your vessel(s) and carry out the necessary maintenance to ensure your boat is operating at full capacity, and will operate at its full performance levels.  Our knowledgeable staff care about all vessels that come into our care and are devoted to deliver the highest quality service for our clients.

Seasonal Maintenance

Most vessel require special check ups in preparation for seasonal conditions such as low temperatures in the winter and then reversing many of those procedures months later in the Spring in preparation for increased usage in the Summer months.

If you have any questions about our services or would like to apply for our services, please contact us via our CONTACT PAGE.