About Us


Martel Marine is based in the heart of beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia specializes in building bespoke yachts of all sizes.

We have been serving the popular recreational and commercial boating in Greater Vancouver, Gulf Islands and beyond since 2001.

Whether its a private luxury yacht for pleasure and recreational use, or a commercial charter yacht, Martel Marine is committed to building the highest quality vessels with uncompromising attention to detail.

We understand and appreciate that when our customers come to us with ideas and drawings, they are really entrusting details of their dream vessels—details that have often been accumulated incrementally over many years.  It is with great care and nurturing that we develop these ideas and it is our sincere pleasure and passion to manifest them into reality for each of our customers.  We are not just yacht builders, we make dreams happen.

For commercial yachts, we understand as business owners that exceeding customer expectations is paramount and necessary to be successful.  We put the care and fine touches into our boats that makes a charter company’s job that much easier.